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Your Autumn Security Checklist

As the crisp breeze of autumn begins to settle in, the change in weather brings more than just a shift in seasons.

Could you be trusted as a Carter Security Officer?

If you're an SIA licensed security guard with a passion for safeguarding, an unwavering commitment to excellence, and a desire to make a real impact, we invite you to join

Unforeseen Downpour: Navigating the Impact of Sudden Heavy Rain on Business Security

Nature's unpredictability can play a significant role in the safety and protection of businesses. One such natural phenomenon that can have far-reaching implications is sudden heavy rain.

Strengthening Industrial Sector Security with Manned Guarding and Mobile Patrols

At Carter Security, we recognise the vital need for robust security measures to protect the industrial sector, and we're here to share insights on how manned guarding and mobile patrols

Carter Security Guards in the Licensed Gaming Industry

As a trusted national security provider, Carter Security understands the intricate landscape of the licensed gaming industry.

Celebrating Hannah's Driving Success

We are thrilled to congratulate Hannah, our brilliant Recruitment Executive, on passing her driving test with flying colours!

A Security Provider that’s ‘Out of this World’

The news this week has drawn attention to a former Air Force intelligence officer who has testified that – in short – aliens really do exist. As you can imagine

Ensuring School Security with Carter Security

At Carter Security, we understand that the safety of our children in schools is a matter of utmost importance.

 Securing Your Business during the Summer Holidays

As the academic year comes to a close and families prepare for vacations and leisure time, it's essential to remain vigilant about potential security risks that may arise.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Retail Security

In the bustling world of retail, where countless transactions occur daily and valuable merchandise lines the shelves, security should be a top priority.