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Today, we want to discuss the Protective Scheme for Places of Worship introduced by the UK government in 2019, and share our unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of people from all ethnic groups, cultures, and religions.

The Protective Scheme for Places of Worship is a significant step towards ensuring the security and safety of places of worship across the nation. This initiative enables places of worship to apply for funding to implement physical security measures. As a security provider with a deep commitment to safety and diversity, we wholeheartedly support this initiative.

Places of worship hold great significance within communities, providing a safe place for people to come together and worship. They are sacred spaces where individuals should feel secure and at peace. Unfortunately, in light of recent events, it's crucial now more than ever to prioritise the security of places of worship, ensuring that individuals of all faiths can practice their beliefs without fear.

At Carter Security, we understand the profound impact security measures can have on the safety and well-being of worshippers. Our commitment to ensuring the safety of places of worship extends beyond providing security services. We believe in being proactive and taking steps to prevent security threats from occurring.

We have worked closely with local governments and communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, understanding the importance of a security presence that is not only professional but also compassionate during challenging times. We recognise the unique sensitivities surrounding places of worship, and we approach security with the utmost respect for cultural and religious diversity.

Why Choose Carter Security?

When it comes to safeguarding places of worship, we offer tailored security solutions that address the specific needs of each institution. Our team of experienced security professionals is dedicated to providing a safe environment for worshippers, visitors, and staff.

Our security officers hold valid SIA (Security Industry Authority) licenses, ensuring they are trained and qualified to deliver the highest level of security services. We have the expertise to assess security vulnerabilities and design comprehensive security plans that include physical security measures and trained security personnel.

We invite all places of worship to explore our range of security solutions. Whether you are considering applying for the Protective Scheme for Places of Worship or simply looking to enhance your existing security measures, we can assist you in achieving your goals.

Our services include:

Physical Security Measures: From access control systems to surveillance cameras and alarms, we provide tailored physical security solutions to fortify your place of worship.

Security Personnel: Our professional and compassionate security officers can provide a visible security presence, ensuring the safety of worshippers and visitors through manned guarding.

Consultation and Risk Assessment: We offer comprehensive security assessments to identify vulnerabilities and develop a customised security strategy.

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The safety and security of places of worship are of paramount importance. As a security partner that values diversity and cultural sensitivity, we are dedicated to helping you create a secure and welcoming environment for all. If you are interested in exploring our security solutions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.