Security for Education

Blatant and violent breaches of security have catastrophic effects and whether you are a parent or teaching professional, the security of any school should always remain high on the agenda.

Security and safety in schools is a highly emotive subject and one that is never far from the conscience of the headteacher, facilities team, governing body, and LEA who all have roles to play in the implementation of an effective school security strategy. 

Schools have a basic requirement to safely contain the children in their care during school hours, keeping them protected from unwanted intruders and away from any danger within the confines of the grounds.  After hours, the school also needs to “lockdown” to deter acts of vandalism, theft, concealment, and even arson. Recently, it's been reported that thieves across the county have been targeting public buildings, including schools, looking for valuable steel to scrap.

All Carter Security Guards are highly trained within this industry.