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Understanding Local Crime Rates, and Strengthening Security with Carter Security

Being informed about the security landscape in your vicinity is the first step towards protecting your business against potential threats.

Guarding Against Winter's Chill: Carter Security's Solutions for Businesses in Sub-Zero Temps

As winter tightens its icy grip on the UK, businesses face a unique set of challenges that extend beyond just chilly weather.

The Importance of Education Security

Recent news stories, such as the unsettling case of Reed Wischhusen planning a 'revenge' mass shooting at his former school, highlight the urgent need for robust security measures to protect

Elevate Your Security Career with Carter Security

As a leading security provider with over 30 years of unwavering commitment to safety and security, Carter Security offers a unique opportunity to be part of a company that sets

Proud to Support Isabel Cartlidge's Remarkable Shooting Journey

At Carter Security, we take pride in not only securing your premises but also in supporting exceptional individuals who embody the spirit of dedication and excellence.

Safeguarding Businesses in the Storm: Carter Security's Approach to Flood-Induced Security Challenges

As heavy rain and extensive flooding pose imminent threats to businesses across the UK, the need for comprehensive security measures becomes more critical than ever.

Join Carter Security's Team in 2024!

If you're someone with a passion for quality security, 2024 could be the year your career takes a transformative turn.

New Year's Resolution: Invest in Quality Security for Your Business with Carter Security

At Carter Security, we believe that an essential New Year's resolution for any business should be to invest in quality security.

Let Carter Security Be the Only Visitor This Christmas!

While we all welcome Santa Claus through our chimneys at home, the last thing we want is uninvited guests breaking in at our businesses.

Renatas Vecerskas Named Carter Security's December Employee of the Month

This December, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Renatas Vecerskas, a dedicated Security Officer at Thalia Waste Management in Waterbeach, who has been awarded Employee of the Month.