Published: 28 Nov 2022 in

So far, the winter season has started off being quite mild, but forecasters predict that as we approach Christmas, that’s soon to change. With snow predicted to be on the way in a matter of weeks, your business could be about to become quite vulnerable.

Despite being annoyingly chilly, snowy weather can negatively impact the levels of security at your business, because…

  • Snow affects the visibility of your CCTV
  • Impacted snow drifts could provide easy access over fences
  • Snow could lead to flooding and water damage, making access to your building(s) easier
  • Poor driving conditions could encourage staff to work from home, leaving your buildings empty for extended periods of time

There are however a number of things you can do to boost the security of your business premises during snowy weather…

Keep outside areas well lit

Snow and high winds can make it difficult to see and navigate, especially for security guards you might have, especially at night. Therefore, we would encourage our clients to leave outside lights on as more than just a security precaution - it will help to keep our security officers safe during the night, and it will act as a great deterrent to opportunistic criminals

Consider thermal identification cameras

Thermal camera light up red and yellow to any heat source that comes into view. This means clearly displaying if someone is trespassing on your property, even if visibility outside is poor.

Contact us to discuss your concerns and security requirements

Safety will always be at the top of our list -- that means keeping your business safe and secure, and keeping our staff safe too. We are well prepared for the coming weather, and we're determined that any amount of snow won't affect the service we provide to our clients. From manned guarding to mobile patrols, we can protect your business against crime.

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