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Security at licensed gaming venues requires an understanding of the legislation as well as a particular set of skills and understanding from your security officers, and this differs from the security needed for other venues or sectors.

Because of our long standing clients in the licensed gaming industry and our drive for excellence, we are highly trained in providing security for the licensed gaming industry and operate at many locations up and down the country.

We understand how important it is for your business' reputation and success to have trained and trusted security officers on site. This not only ensures that your employees feel supported, but that you customers feel safe too. It would also greatly reduce the risk of confrontational behaviour and law-breaking at your business.

We are aware of current legislation

There are many rules and regulations that as a licensed gaming venue we would need to enforcement to ensure that your license remains valid. This includes:

  • Challenge 25: our security officers will check ID before allowing individuals into your casino, and they are fully trained in recognising counterfeit forms of photographic identification.
  • Alcohol consumption: it is the legal right of your bar team to refuse alcohol to an individual should they feel uncomfortable serving them. This could lead in a confrontational situation and so it's important to have trained security officers on-site able to step in and escort someone off the premises or call the local authorities if needed.
  • Drug awareness: gambling can lead to addiction, and as with an addictive personality, it's rare that a person only indulges in one vice. This means the likelihood of drug-taking could be heightened, making it all the more important to have security officers well aware of how to recognise and handle drug-taking.
  • Gambling addiction: Despite gambling being one of the core reasons for a person to visit a casino, we need to be aware of the risk of addiction and how to support your customers in making good decisions. Security officers are able to step in should a person need help in managing this whilst at your licensed gaming venue.

For more information on how our security guards can work with your business to prevent crime at your licensed gaming venue, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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