Published: 19 Sep 2022 in

All over social media, including TikTok, The King’s security guards have been drawing attention. The particular subject of interest is with the ‘fake’ hands that the security guards seem to have whilst standing behind King Charles III. Whilst the Ministry of Defence and the Metropolitan Police are unable to pass comment on whether these ‘fake’ hands enable the security personnel to be concealing firearms, this is most likely the case. It is important for security guards to be discrete where possible, offering a reassuring presence rather than an intimidating one, and having weapons on display when in front of the British public could be cause for alarm.

The security present at the late Queen’s funeral represented the security industry brilliantly too. Whilst ever present, they were far from the centre of attention, able to work alongside the local authorities and the military to assist with crowd control on what has been an incredibly solemn moment of British history. Though our clients are often much less in the public eye than the Royal family, and the events we cover aren’t broadcast to the world, involving the closure of central London, we approach each contract and event with the same level of dedication and level of service.

Our SIA-licensed security guards adopt a similar approach to the security you would have seen broadcast today. Security officers must be discrete but visible, alert but not alarming. Whilst event security has a different set of immediate needs to personal security and concierge security, the respect for their duties and their attitude is always the same.

With over 30 years of experience in the security industry, we’re incredibly proud of the work we do. We send our greatest respects to the men and women within the security industry who were present and working over this period of mourning and look forward to continuing to serve our clients with the same level of professionalism and respect.

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