Published: 28 Apr 2023 in

As a security company, one of the most rewarding experiences is welcoming a new client into the fold. It's an opportunity to build a relationship, learn about the client's unique security needs, and demonstrate the value that we can provide. Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming a new client in Milton Keynes and installing a new security cabin to keep unwanted visitors out of their vacant site.

The client, a Pharmaceutical company, had acquired a second site in Milton Keynes. As the site is currently vacant, there was a significant risk of trespassers and other unwanted visitors. In order to reduce the risk of damage or theft, it was clear that the client needed a comprehensive security solution.

After an initial consultation with the client, we identified the need for a security cabin on site. The cabin would serve as a base for our SIA licensed security guards to monitor the site and respond to any potential threats.

The installation process was seamless, thanks to our experienced team. We worked closely with the client to ensure that the cabin was positioned in the most effective location, taking into account factors such as visibility, access points, and potential threats.

Once the cabin was in place, we deployed our team of highly trained security personnel to monitor the site. Our team worked closely with the client to develop a custom security plan that was tailored to their specific needs. This included regular patrols of the site, with immediate response to any potential security breaches.

Welcoming a new client is always an exciting opportunity, and we were thrilled to be able to help this client in Milton Keynes. The installation of the new security cabin was a key part of our overall security solution, and it demonstrated our commitment to providing efective security solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. We look forward to continuing to work with this client and others in the future, as we continue to help protect businesses and assets throughout the UK.

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